What are Russian Lips?

Russian Lips are the most popular lip filling technique. It controls both the shape and volume of the lip keeping them flat. It gives you a natural look with an accentuated Cupid’s bow for doll-like lips. This technique is suitable for any age. We can customise the technique to suit your individual taste.

What’s the difference between Regular Fillers/Russians?

Whilst we love normal lip fillers, Russian Lips give your lips extra shape and volume whilst remaining flat. Perfect for those who a desire a more natural look. This technique takes slightly longer than the standard due to the careful positioning of the filler.


  • Can add Lucious, glamorous volume or can add natural density.
  • Enhances lip volume and hydration.
  • Smooth and lump free.
  • Consultation Included.


  • Accentuated Cupid’s bow.
  • Lips remain flat whilst increasing volume.
  • Improve lip volume with natural results.
  • Smooth and lump free.